The Manhattan Project Cocktail Kit

The Manhattan Project Cocktail Kit

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Unleash the explosive flavors of the classic Manhattan cocktail with our Manhattan Project Cocktail Making Kit, a tribute to sophstication and mixology mastery.

The Manhattan Project: At the core of this extraordinary kit is our Manhattan Project barrel-aged cocktail. a meticulously crafted concoction that delivers the depth, complexity, and time-honored tradtion of a true Manhattan.

Maraska Cherries: Elevate your cocktail with the sweet allure of Marask cherries, the perfect garnish to complement the rich, dark notes of your Manhattan Project creation.

Cocktail Tools: Create your masterpiece with precision using the included jigger and cocktail spoon, designed to ensure an equisite mix every time.

Dehydrated Orange Wheels: Add a burst of citrusy zest with our carefully selected dehydrated orange wheels.

Two Logo Bucket Glasses: Sip your Manhattan Project with friends and family in our exclusive logo bucket glasses.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Our comprehensive instructions guarantee that crafting the perfect Manhattan is a breeze, ensuring that you capture the essence of this classis cocktail. 

This kit is a celebration of tradition, sophistication, and the art of mixology. Perfect for solo sipping, intimate gatherings, or for sharing with a fellow connoisseur of fine cocktails.

Elevate your Manhattan Project experience today. Order your kit and toast to timeless flavore and the mastery of the mixologist's craft. Cheers to memorable moments and the perfect Manhattan!

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