Premium Central Coast Spirits

Tin City of Paso Robles, California

Wine Shine and Tin City Distillery is more than vodka or whiskey; it's an idea, distilled down to its most passionate form. The idea that the Central Coast represents California in its purest sense, and our spirits are crafted to embody just that. Forged with intention and local wisdom, our brandy, vodka, gin, whiskey, and canned cocktails are created for you.

Treat Dad to a flight…
a flight of his favorite spirits that is.
Have you ever had a cocktail 'So nice you had it twice'? Shout out to Newport Beach for the crafty swigs!
Which spirit was declared "America's Native Spirit?" If you answered, "Bourbon" you are correct! 🥃 #NationalBourbonDay

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Let the fun be-gin! #WorldGinDay
It's almost, sorta, kind of, just about, nearly the weekend… so what are we drinking?
Father’s Day is coming up so grab Dad his favorite cocktail kit to celebrate! Pick up today or pre-order using the contact link in bio. 🥃

Tin City Gin & Tonic $55
Moscow Mule $60
Tiki Tiki $70
Old Fashioned $80