Private Barrel Club

A Private Community of Spirit Aficionados

Benefits of Membership

  • Experience the craft of aging your own personal whiskey barrel
  • Share the journey and taste with friends throughout the aging process
  • Priority access to the Private Barrel Club Lounge for members only events
  • Host a private party to celebrate your creation when ready to bottle
  • Enjoy a 15% Private Barrel Club discount on all food and beverage

How it Works


1 Design

Our designers will work closely with you to help customize the design and layout of the barrel end. The barrels will then be displayed on our custom barrel wall for all to enjoy.


2 Age

Savor the journey as you taste your evolving whiskey along with friends throughout its aging process (at least 2 years), culminating in the perfect moment to bottle.


3 Bottle

When ready, custom labels will be designed and bottled with your brand. Each barrel will yield approximately 30 bottles depending on the proof (and how much you’ve been tasting)!

Membership Cost

$3,000 (per 2 year membership)
$10.00 per bottle (at pickup plus sales tax)

The Private Barrel Club has a limited capacity

Join Now

Learn More

For more information call (805) 286-4453 or email



Can I purchase a Private Barrel Club membership for my company or with a group of friends?

Yes! You can share the experience and cost of membership. One person will be listed as the account holder, but the benefits of membership and events are limited to 6 people per membership.

How many bottles will my barrel yield?

Your 5 gallon barrel will produce approximately 25-30 (750ml) bottles depending on what proof you decide to bottle, “Angel’s Share,” (and how much you taste from it during the aging process).

What is Angel’s Share?

The amount of spirit that is lost to evaporation when the liquid is being aged in porous oak casks. While some evaporation will occur, this is a good thing! It’s part of the reason whiskey tastes so darn good!

Can I sell my whiskey after it has been bottled?

No. These bottles are for personal use, gifting, and enjoyment only. It is against federal and state laws for consumers to sell alcoholic beverages without proper licensing.

Can I name my barrel and bottles?

Yes! You can name it whatever you’d like, and provide a custom logo to brand your barrel and custom label your bottles (TCD reserves the right to approve names).

Can I invite friends to taste from my barrel?

Absolutely. Invite up to 5 friends at a time for a barrel tasting.

Do I need a reservation to taste from my barrel?

Yes. You will need a barrel tasting reservation so we can pull your it from the Private Barrel Club wall and have it ready for you to enjoy. Please call the distillery, or email to schedule your visit.

How long does my barrel have to age?

Whiskey must age in barrel for a minimum of 2 years to be legally considered Bourbon. You can bottle it before 2 years if you wish, but Private Barrel Club memberships are a minimum of 2 years.

Can I age my barrel for longer than 2 years?

Absolutely. You can age your barrel as long as you want and continue to enjoy the benefits of Private Barrel Club membership for $1500 per year after the initial 2 year aging period.

What happens to my barrel after it has been bottled?

It’s your barrel! You can renew your membership by refilling or purchasing a new barrel, or you can take your barrel home as a souvenir.

What proof will my whiskey be bottled at?

Unless you would like to request a different proof, the whiskey will be bottled at 80 proof of pure joy. Bottling at a higher proof will yield less bottles, and potentially slightly higher cost for tax purposes.

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